My workshop

If you ask ne do I wish for a spacious space to call my workshop ? Of course I do ! Who does not want a space where he could move about without crashing into all sorts of things? Who doesn't to lose nails and screws which hide themselves from view until such time when you not them anymore . Small tools like screwdrivers would roll out of sight under  your bench and cabinets to raise your temper  short of boiling as you fail to retrieve them.

I am a hot tempered person and cursing become habitual. Sometime I feel like burning the place down when I knock  into all sorts of thing as workshop come to look like a junk yard. I can't blame myself as my workshop was too small  and it can't get any bigger. But sometime I feel I am never satisfied with what God have given me . What about those who has to live in a apartment or a townhouse ? They have no space for a dedicated workshop. Those who live in  big houses within  big compounds are the lucky lot but then they tend to go beyond their hobby status with workshops more fitting for business than hobby.

So I think I must learn to appreciate what I have and stop being a grumpy old man. And continue to enjoy my hobby as  much as I can.

I kept a lot o small items in bottles and cans on this shelves . And I couldn't remember what I keep in those bottles and cans . It takes  a long time to locate something which I know I have. Old persons like me are always forgetful .It is time to reorganize and label  the containers  using bright orange labels .

One end of my workshop. I keep my poer tools in the filing cabinet. Right in front is my homemade router table. The table is welded ms steel . The top is one inch thick plywood. I ix castors to the legs so that i could push it out of the shop when using it so that the wind would take care of the dust.  

This wall cabinets stores many things I seldom use. I used ms angles and square tubing for the frame. I used pop rivets to fix plywood to the cabinet door frames,sides and back. It is quicker than making the cabinet out o wood. I am lucky to have an oxyacetylene welder.


I made the table on the right to construct a table saw. After getting the arbor, pulleys. belt ,two horpower motor and a 12inch saw blade I begin to think whether I really need a table saw that big . Why not fix my seldom use Skilsaw to the bottom of th table to turn it into a table saw . This also was not done . Safer to use a saber saw and less worry about danger.  I love my fingers and also avoid timber bing hurled at me .

I have an old stand fan which no longer giving service . See picture on the left. I attach  a wood disc  to the top of the stand after removing the fan . It become a stand for spraying small items.  

I turn an old swivel chair leg into  a spraying stand for heavier things.  It also 

 become a swivel stool .


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