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Installing FP 2000 in Windows 10

I am one of  those persons who still use Frontpage 2000 to manage my website . I found this program simple for me  as I don't have to be  computer savvy to edit my website . There are many " what you see  what you get " editors but many are  not simple to use and I have to use FTP to upload the files . I am not resisting new programs , I am too old to spend time learning how to use them .

For many years  I have been using Frontpage 2000 in my  in my XP computer . One year ago I installed the same program into Windows 7 and I thought it wouldn't work . My computer has Microsoft Office 2003 without Frontpage . I loaded Frontpage  separately from FP cd. I don't know FP would work or not with newer versions of Office .

Last week I thought i would try installing FP into Windows 10 which had Office 2003 installed . Before installing FP I created a restore point just to be safe. If I incurred problems  I could revert the computer back to the earlier time before installing FP. To my surprise the program was installed without any problem . 

I works alright as an editor but I have not tried uploading any files to the web server yet . Possibly it would work. I have copied my web from Win 7 computer into Win 10 computer as a backup .

Who says you cannot load FP into Windows 10 ? Or I am just lucky.    

Personal safety when handling and working with tools

About five years ago the angle grinder nearly cut off my left toe. I was sitting down on the porch floor cutting a five inch diameter hollow steel post close to the ground .I was about to finish the job when the post tilted and jammed the cutoff blade of the grinder and shattered it into jagged pieces . The broken pieces became high speed projectiles .And one of them struck my left toe . Everything happened so fast and I felt no paint at all as a piece of the blade made a very deep cut on the top of the toe which was near the stel  post . Blood spurted out and I was stunt for a few seconds . To stop the spewing blood I  grapped a rag nearby to cover the cut disregarding that the rag was dirty. My wife panicked when she saw that the shrapnel chipped the toe bone .

I was shaken but managed to stay calm although the pain  began set in . I was taken to hospital and had the injury treated. That injury taught me a lesson to respect the tool which possess the ability to injure the user. Now I always think first before using the angle grinder. I wear thick gloves and face mask whenever I use the tool . And  I always look for the safest way to start cutting . I make sure the blade spin away from me and That I do not stand directly behind it. i don't want the tool to injure me again.

Now I always wear a face mask when I use the grinder for cutting any hard material. I remind myself that my eyes and face are not damaged in any way by my carelessness and disregard for potential danger. My eyes are precious .

All power tools are dangerous if improperly used . A power tool should be used for the purposed it is designed for. A drill is for drilling and I would not consider using drill attachments .

Another dangerous power tool is the circular saw. The sound it produces is already intimidating and could induce fright in a novice user .Cross cutting and cutting large panels can cause kickback if the kerf pinch the saw blade . So proper setup is important for safety . So before cutting I look at the possibility of the the blade getting pinch and cause kickback. If the panel is warped it is safer to use a jigsaw to cut and there is no possibility of kickback. a jigsaw is a very safe machine to use.

The table saw will hurl the wood being cut by the user at great speed when a kickback occurs. This is what I am told but I do not have a table saw . So I canít say much about it . The blade cuts wood like a knife cutting butter . We all know our body is cheese to the saw blade .

Sharp hand tools can also cause injury if improperly used . When using a chisel I always cut with the sharp end pointing away  from me . At the same time I see that the shop floor is not littered with cutoffs and things that can tripped me while holding a chisel .

Lastly a person should have confidence in using a power tool. If you are scared or are unsure of how to use the tool do not use it until you get some tuition on using it safely. Think safety

Next time we will talk about electrical safety . Electricity is tame but can kill.



I like cats

My two cats



Nostalgic photos

The wood lathe I once owned.(1981)

Later I replace the drive pulley and the driven pulley with  three speed type so that lathe  had three speeds.

The lathe was a locally made .Instead of a chuck  there was a three prong claw to rotate the wood.

I bought all my turning chisels from Craft Supplies ,UK.

Some of  turnings made on the lathe. I used pallet wood to turn the bottles . I liked the grains of the wood.

An oblong table with mdf top (1995) 

A round table with veneered mdf top. (1995) I finished the table with polyurethane varnish.

A square table with a "young me" sitting at it. (1995)

My son and the first PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra.

Trishaws were common in my hometown. My Father owned his own trishaw .

My house (not this one ) was beside a rice field.

This picture was taken at Kuala Trangganu. This jetty was situated behind rhe Hotel M alaysia.


Fishermen going to sea at Pulau Tuba Langkawi.This was an old jetty about one kilometer long. Now there is anew concrete jetty at another location one kilometer away by boat.

 I stayed on this island for about three years.

I loved those carefree days there. But I also missed my son very much.

It was p lonely undeveloped island populated by prawn fishermen families. The nearest town was Kuah on the main island of Langkawi.

A surau (small mosque) on Tuba Island. During the time I was on the island flush toilet was a rarity  People just squat in  hidden areas neat their houses to ease themselves. I did the same way until I found out the small mosque had a proper toilet and running water piped from a rivulet on the nearby hill. When I was "doing the thing" I was very apprehensive that a python was waiting to grab me for dinner or a lurking wild boar would strike me down. Cobras and king cobras were also common.I once saw a king cobra fifteen feet long snared by a fishing net strung around a chicken pen to protect the chickens from pythons..

This trader bought old glass bottles. This type of trader is now extinct. Just like the pea seller, Don't hope to see them any more.

Gone forever. This railway bridge was dismantled when the new electrified line was being built. As boys my friends and I usede to jump into the river below at high tide. mThe river was alive then.

Old railway bridge near my parent's house. My friends and I used to crawl up the slanted beam and walked on the horizontal beam without fear of death. You see the river under the bridge  It was not this narrow then It is now dead. The river stopped flowing and the water became muddy. For years the river supplied drinking water for the village . The water was our bathtub.  The death of the river is what we have to pay for development.

Fishing boats at Kuala Sanglang, Perlis. On hot days you were overwhelmed  by the stink of fish drying in the sun.

Such a peaceful sight. The river was an irrigation canal.



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