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I am a DIY person . I hope a lot more people will be interested in  DIY.   t my small workshop and my hobbies . 


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Just a small note

I had been unwell for nearly one month .This left me in no mood to do anything much. There were little things I had tried doing but I am hampered by lack of energy .  

I updated this web slightly to remove the clutter and broken links . I created another page just for the links (Links to specific pages)


Yesterday i couldn't continue with converting an old computer table into a table saw as I had to undergo an ultrasound test at the general Hospital at 9am .  There were,as usual, too many patients awaiting the same treatment. By the time it was over it was 11am , I reached home at noon,in time for another indulin jab.

So today i will continue with the project. The day before I had reduced the table from 48 inches to 24 inches in size , Initially I wabted to use the stick welder but I would better not as it was difficult to make a good weld when I had difficulty seeing the starting spot in total darness of the welding mask, So I opted for bronz brazing.

The frame is now ready fo accept the one inch thick top. I have to look for suitable length nuts and bolts to secure the plywood panels to the steel frame.   


I had to discontinue this project for the time being when I realize that the table top was too thick so much so that only about one inch of the saw blade was abve the table surface . I decided to purchase an mdf  sheet of about one half inch thick for the table top and this had to wait . 

I had made a wooden base for the table saw . I ad fitted four  custerwheels to this base to enable the table to be moved around with ease.

Right  now the saw table had become another work table until i could buy the mdf  sheet.

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