Hi !

I am Shahidan . 

I love making things that are useful and things that are not so useful or are useless. I never thought of making money because anything I make is for my own enjoyment. Having a hobby is like a therapy because  it helps me to forget worries for sometime during a day facing the difficulties of everyday life . I am not good at instructing a person how to make anything    in a way we  called D.I.Y   It is easier for me  just  to tell how I make how I make it. I think thereis aeeling of achievement when if you succeed in constructing a project yor own way. 

Below is an article about me in The Star newspaper some time back. But it did not make fanous in any way,

I could not remember how the writer came to know about me . At that time 

I was young and active then . I carried on woodworking  at the back of my  my house and did electronic construction projects in a room in the house. I also enjoyed doing ceramics and metalwork.

 I have a small workshop  ( 16 feet  x 8 feet at the back of my house .Here is where I carry out my bobbies.  It is not a big space to do big woodworking projects but this  is the only place I have. I cannot  have many fixed  machines even if I could afford them. Right now I have a miter saw, a drill press, an arc welder, and an oxy-acetylene welding set. The gas welder was given to me by a friend and it has been more than two years since the last gas refill.

I love electronic construction. I like making small amplifiers and speakers . In the 1960's I made only valve amplifiers . I am fascinated by the glow of the tubes and would like to restart making valve amplifiers again but the tubes and transformers are very expensive now though these components are still available. As my resources are very limited I have to forget about that for the time being. When I started my electronic hobby some 40 years ago solid state components were expensive but they are now very cheap.

When possible I recycled components from used electronic equipment. There are many reusable components in a damaged radio and amplifier sets. So electronic hobby does cost me much.

Twenty years ago I also did pottery. When the recession came I sold off my electric kilns and other pottery equipment. I would like to do pottery again but I couldn't afford a kiln. If I stay in a village ,where  there is less risk of fire, I could make an oil fired or a wood fired kiln .

I have quite a big collection of books on  art and crafts... At present I couldn't find space to keep all my books .

A room adjoining the workshop is my den. This room is about 15 x 15 feet. This is my private place. Here I have my two desktop computers  my books and eools for electronics.

After four decades I still love woodworking  and electronics though at a slower pace. 


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