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Cin has a new friend

My wife refers to our white cat as JJ but I still call him Cin.

Cin has a new friend now. His new friend is a male kitten which my wife named Boboy . I call him Tupai (Squirrel)  because of his bushy tail. 

Cin was  friendly right from the day we brought Tupai home but Tupai was scared of him. It took three days for them to know each other . Then they started playing together, chasing each otherand toppling many things.. They even share the same "toilet" now. Tired of playing both will go to sleep . Cin sleeps anywhere but Tupai always sleeps behind the organ .

Tupai                                                            Tupai

Cin taking Tupai's share.

Nothing left on Cin's plate. Tupai has to lick the plate clean.

Relaxing                                                                 Afternoon nap.


Trojan is scary.

Never download and install Springfiles.

When you brows for any information and you see "Spring files" don't ever click any of the sites, The website will show the information you wanted and request that you download their software. It tricked you into thinking that the web site is harmless, But actually it harbors a deadly trojan that will compromise your computer. The effect on yur computer is serious; The website will install an application that is supposed to contain the information you need but it is a malware.

In fact it contains no information at all. The application will piggyback on your computer to infect other computers and in doing so your computer speed will slow down,

You can use Revo-uninstaller or any other reliable software removal program or uninstaller  but the virus will resist the removal by telling you that the program is running and could not be uninstall . The virus is hidden; you can't see it in the registry or in the C drive directory.

What you should do if you fall into  the trap is by running  system restore to a date before the virus installation.  After the system restore is complete left  click on the trojan  (application)  logo on the desktop or where the  download is situated. On my computer it was on the desktop. click delete.

On Windows 10 open Windows Defender. The program will tell you that it has quarantined a serious or very harmful Trojan .

Click History.

Click Quarantined items .

Click Detail and click Remove.

Then click All detected items.

Click Detail and then click Remove.

Maybe you can use Spybot or Malwarebytes.

New pictures of my cat. He now weighs more than five kilograms.

At night he slept with me in the bedroom . Some time he slept on the bed instead of on the floor..

A medicine cabinet from scrap wood and an old cabinet door.

I made a medicine cabinet to keep my medical supplies. I used a cabinet panel door which I had been keeping under the workbench since time immemorial, for the medicine cabinet The cabinet was just like a box with a lid. I will post another photo of the  cabinet

Not beautiful. ,huh !... Who cares.......

Done: Painted the door.

I had not figured out how to hang this cabinet on the wall.

I think it is also suitable to be used as  small tools storage box.

I wish I had a 12 or 18 volt cordless drill. Last week I was helping my D-I-L to repair her broken stool cum ladder. I did not have enough strength to drive 2 inch screws into the wood.

I suggested to her that she buy a stool and an aluminum ladder instead of using the stool with unreliable safety features. I fell down from her stool /step ladder last week and I vowed never to use that killer contraption again. As a result I  got an egg size "extension" at the back of my head. My wife was furious and she reminded me that I was too old to stand on a ladder. Maybe she was right.






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