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It is about my small workshop and my hobbies . 

Not many people are interested in  DIY . I hope a lot more people will be interested in  DIY.   

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About me

Some articles I placed on this website are imported from other websites. There is no commercial  intention whatsoever for doing so . But  if the original authors have any  objection  let me know and the articles will be removed . 




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My workshop 

Making clocks is  an enjoyable pastime

How to use a cordless drill.                              About me                                    

DIY Disc sander.                                                Reed switch alarm   

Power supply to run cordless drill                    Beginning woodworking 

Tools for beginners                                              Boring holes                                                              

  Building a shaker clock                                     Hole saw  


Woodsmith workbench                                       ATX bench power supply                                                       

Using a power   planer                                        Tools for woodworker

Butt joint                                                               Home made disc sander 

Neat Chair                                                             Side table

Handplaning 101                                                   Handplaning 

Drilling hard materials                                         Power supply for cordless drill                                  

 Handplane primer                                                 Box building

Half joint                                                               Blood pressure chart 

Circle cutting with the router                               Grain filling with shellac

Router tips and router table                                   Workbenches


Woodwork    Electronics    My Blog    Plus    About me

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