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I started this website sometime in the beginning of year 2000. As I have no training at all in web design I tried making it as simple as possible. Over the years many changes were made and I also changed the title several times but the content remained generally unchanged.

The title "hobbyshop" was chosen because my small home workshop was my favorite place where I spent my free time doing the things I liked.

I enjoy making things. Many of the things I make are designed by me and I always opt for simple design which I or anybody else could make using basic toolsand a few power tools. I I admire those hobbyists who have numerous machines in their workshops . Machines would make tasks easier  and much faster. I would like to have them too. But, like most people , I do not have much money to purchase them . And if I manage to find the fund I would have trouble placing them in the tiny workshop.

My web is about woodworking, metal work, electronics and ceramics plus many other subjects. 

I hope  anybody who happen to visit this website will come back to visit again,

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